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  NEWS! Thanks to his Lady's improved health, Cloud is now finally back at training for his Companionship Certificate!

Welcome to the homepage of Blue Cloud Dancing of Kingly Shine. Please note that, after much soul-searching and comparison of these and those statistics, Cloud's Lady eventually opted for large photos and for a disregard of all things "kilobyte". We hereby extend our sincere apologies to the dial-up viewers for what are certain to be lengthy download times.

And yes, I belong to those women who -- given half a chance and the time and the energy to do so --  would very much like to rearrange the furniture every other day and thus have the following pages been updated:


09 February 2005: Another new photo under "Playtime".
09 Februar 2005: Now it's nine new photos under "Obedience".
05 February 2005: News photos under "Portraits".
04 February 2005: Another new photo under "Cloud All Over".
27 January 2005: A new photo under "Photo Gallery".
15 January 2005: New photo under "Dogtales".
10 January 2005: New animation under "Home".
08 January 2005: New photo under "Links".  
29 November 2004: Photos of the November Ulmer/Neu-Ulmer collie get-together under "Events and Outings".  

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