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Blue Cloud Dancing of Kingly Shine at eighteen months of age. 


Hmm. An American or an English Collie? I would (ever so grinningly) say that it depends upon one's perspective -- that is, from the front or from the back or from the right or from the left. Whether American or English or German, beauty in a collie is ever relative and subjectively subjective. Particularly when one is dealing with such abstract concepts as aesthetics and/or almond or slanted eyes. Whatever slope the line of the nose or the shape of the orbs, 'tis the collie light that shines from within that captivates us in the end. And captivated by our Cloud we are. Happily and even objectively without hope of a respite into non-subjective objectivity.

In the first close-up of our canine cutie, we see a right regular "Sir Cloud of the Longnose" -- the slope of said nose being a gift from "Daddy", McCloud's American Fighter, and the soft expression from Cloud's uncle, Blue Bear of Kingly Shine; a thought which delights us, given that "Bärchen" was the Blue Merle the sight of "whom" pushed our collie fever to the chronic stage. Below a less mature Cloud, but one nonetheless already a picture of vain self-confidence and male self-awareness. Happy and poochily philosophical and affectionate and wise all at once.


The fluffy Cloud at twenty-two months of age.


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