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Well met are best-buddy Rousseau and one of Cloud's many lady friends, the engaging and playful Bella.

Ever a highly socially inclined dog and without a trace of aggression towards other canines of any gender or type, Cloud has made and continues to enjoy many satisfying friendships in the course of training and wandering. In the wake of the usual "meet and greet" canine ceremonies (executed with great attention to detail and with the excellent cooperative canine communication skills so very typical for our Cloud), the doggish companionship usually goes from a rough-and-tumble game of chase to an eventually evolving peaceful side-by-side pursuit of poochy scented delights.

If, whilst out on a walk, no canine companions happen to materialize, one can always ... who? Cloud? Chase mice? Nooo ... he would never do a thing like that. 'Tis forbidden by the powers-that-be- Mice are not only rather cute in and of themselves, but are also full of nasty viruses and bacteria and one is not permitted to hunt them. Certainly not.

"Ugh uh. Nope. And if my Lady does catch me in the act, I'll pretend to be eating grass." There can be no doubt. Collies certainly do know how to dissemble.

When it comes to toys, our Cloud is not a squeaky plastic kind of guy. Give him a stick or a soft textile something, however, and he is right there and ready for a game of fast-paced fetch or a little strength-testing tug-a'-war. When there is nothing "official" and "store-bought" around, a sock will do just fine. Or his sleeping blanket. Or a towel or a ... oooh, stuffed animals are the best. And if his Lady or the Gentlemen of the house are all currently too busy to pay proper attention, one simply takes a slipper or a walking shoe in one's mouth and trots said footwear out into the yard by way of a not-so-gentle (if not to say very broad) hint that an outing is in order ... now, please.


Fast flight.

Fun fight.

Cloud Dancing doing a duo dance.
Heady togetherness.

Playful with the playthings.


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