Events and Outings

Having conquered his initial discomfort and distrust of that four-wheeled curse of the environment that is the "automobile", Cloud frequently joins us on many of our shopping excursions and on all of our weekend outings.

Whether it be up to the higher elevations for a hike in the Black Forest, off to buy a new vacuum cleaner, out for a nice meal in appealingly appointed ambience or just a trip down to the local pet and pet supply shop for yet another dog toy and some fun sniffing the rabbits and attempting to stare down the parrots, Cloud is a great companion and an even better embassador for the subspecies wolf that is our beloved Canis lupus familiarus.

Ever social and charming and ready for a party, Cloud would appear to be entirely lacking in the reserve that one generally attributes to the collie breed. The more two- and four-leggers around and about, the better.

Below some pictures of the November issue of the now standard monthly collie get-together in Ulm/Neu-Ulm.

Party pure. Congenial coll(ie)gues speaking congenial coll(ie)gisch most congenially in sync.  And never was heard a discouraging word ...

Just a few impressions taken during the Ulm/Neu-Ulmer Collie Gathering on November 2004. Thank you Sylvia and Uwe Poboss for organizing the foggy but fun festivities!


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