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The Collie -- a Working Dog


For a working dog such as a collie, you might find that obedience training keeps you happy, but that it might not be enough for your canine companion. Not wanting our Cloud to find himself a day-job on his own (such as going into barking guard-dog mode at every movement made by the neighbours, or keeping the house looking caninely creative by spreading the socks in fluffy bits across the carpets, or seeing that the cat is kept physically fit with regular involuntary exercise), we anticipated such problems well before they could become a reality, looked at agility and flyball and various other competitive possibilities ... before we settled on "Vierkampf" (a mix of four different competitive elements).

When it comes time to get down to work of such serious athletic variety, Cloud is as fast as he can possibly be with his laggard of a lady running alongside him. Do let it be known that the canine cutie does a passably fine job of not letting his "nosal" expression show all too clearly how he feels when forced to slow down after a jump or a tunnel or a wall in order to wait for the slowpoke of the team, ie, yours truly. Just a soft collie sigh every now and again. No more than that. Just an occasional sigh. Honestly.

We consider ourselves very lucky to live within easy driving distance of the "Hundesportverein Karlsbad" -- a dog club with well-appointed grounds, the requisite equipment in good order, highly congenial members and excellent and exceptionally motivated and dedicated trainers.

We are currently looking forward to our first season in regular competition next summer with an even blend of happy anticipation and nervous excitement. Let the games begin!


Off proudly to the next obstacle. And my Gentleman?.

High-ear-flying velocity.


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